20Feb 2024

The Exceptional RoboAdvisor™

Equity Risk Sciences has constructed a fully-automated, computer-driven “robo-advisor”. The portfolio generated by this “robo-advisor” has beat every benchmark we know of, producing a 23% average annual return over 23 years.

17Jan 2024

GameStop vs AMC – Is the Market Efficient?

The results below make it abundantly clear that in this case, ERS’s PRI™ rating accurately measured and rated the risk and probability of gain and loss for each of these two companies.

16Jan 2024

Medifast – 6/27/2002

On 6/27/2002, an investor putting $10,000 into Apple, Amazon and Medifast would have had the following profits: By 9/12/2018, Apple grew to $1.25 million, Amazon grew to $2.05 million and Medifast grew to $21.2 million.