Raymond Mullaney, ERS’s founder, began investing for his family in 1976 while still in graduate school.  In 1982 he incorporated a full-service NASD broker dealer and an SEC registered investment advisor.

In 2000, Ray wrote letters to the SEC alleging GE and Cisco manipulated earnings, and received a reply back from the SEC in October 2000. Shortly afterwards, Barron’s published an article outlining the author’s concerns on their accounting methods. You can read the letter in this report.

In 2001, Ray hired over 10 college students from the University of Maryland to begin a new kind of stock analysis, one that used data science instead of Wall Street opinions.

In 2013, Mr. Mullaney hired Tom Harpin to begin to employ technology to create “safe” investment strategies. Since then, ERS has developed computerized methodologies that result in risk ratings that indicate whether a company’s financial structure and valuation are riskier or “safer”. ERS knows how to define, measure, quantify and rate the strength, durability, and resiliency of a company’s financial condition, and to know when it is weakening. The company mission is to employ technology to automate a process to identify which stocks are risky – either too expensive, or too financially stretched for investors to hold.

Since 2013, ERS has performed numerous back-tests that show that selecting companies with lower Risk Ratings as the sole selection criteria for portfolio construction can create meaningful and consistent outperformance of major US Market indices across a variety of timeframes.  Portfolios chosen from higher Risk Rating pools tend to underperform in similar timeframes.

Raymond Mullaney, the company’s founder and president, has over 40 years of professional investing experience. He has published hundreds of investment and financial reports which have been covered nationwide in the media:

  • Ray served on President Reagan’s “White House Conference on Small Business”.
  • In 1986, The New York Times extensively quoted his Economic Report in a front page article.
  • Since 1985, Ray’s reports have appeared in the New York Times, the Boston Globe, Standard & Poor’s Pension Reporter, The Chicago Sun Times, USA Today, Nations Business, The Wall Street Journal and many other media outlets.
  • Ray has been interviewed on radio & television from NYC to Boston.
  • Ray has served on boards of public and private companies as well as profit and non-profit organizations.
  • Ray served the Governors Advisory Committee in the State of Massachusetts.
  • Equities Magazine recognized Mr. Mullaney as, “a veteran investment advisor with a distinguished record of stock market forecasting and forensic accounting”.
  • In July of 2000 Ray presented research findings on accounting improprieties of two of America’s leading public companies to the Senior Counsel of the Securities Exchange Commission in Washington, DC.
  • In 2005, Ray was given the “Most Distinguished Alumni” from the Graduate School he attended, Stony Brook University.
  • In 2013, Ray founded Equity Risk Sciences (ERS), an institutional investment risk analysis technology firm. ERS employs advanced mathematical modeling on big data, it identifies, measures, quantifies and rates the financial risks and price risk of individual stocks, industry sectors and major market indexes. We know of no other risk management system that is more reliable.
  • In 2018, Ray wrote 8 articles on “Risk Management” for Senior Digest. Copies of these articles are available upon request.