“ERS’s technology will massively improve your investment performance.”
–Raymond Mullaney, CEO

Introducing Alpha Algorithmics™ by ERS: Our proprietary algorithms, meticulously developed and tested
over a decade of rigorous research, consistently outperform any other technology platform known to us.

Due Diligence: Equity Risk Sciences can provide investors over 1,000 reports and articles to demonstrate and explain the efficacy and reliability of our technology.

The most comprehensive demonstration of our technology is our Benchmark Study.

A Record of ERS’s Stock Ratings:

2,521 stocks that rose over 100%
(By date)   (Alphabetically)   (Most to least gain)

1,123 stocks that rose over 1,000%
(By date)   (Alphabetically)   (Most to least gain)

182 stocks that rose over 5,000%
(By date)   (Alphabetically)   (Most to least gain)