Active Risk Monitoring™ (ARM™) keeps asset managers current on changes in any of ERS’s proprietary risk rating technologies.

Subscribers can choose to be informed of material changes in the risks of any covered individual stock on a daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly basis. We’ll have a detailed description of this service when our lawyers figure out ways for us to promise you a very valuable service without “over-promising” too much. We’re confident you’ll find this service very valuable, and you’ll want every one of your holdings covered by this service. To our knowledge, no other firm provides the value we produce for our institutional subscribers.

The service can be fully automated with emails and texts.
We also offer phone consultations with our senior analyst and founder Mr. Mullaney.

The graph below is a “cherry-picked” example – i.e. not typical – of the efficacy and value of changes in ERS’s various Risk Ratings.