Email Marketing Manager

Equity Risk Sciences, Inc., is making a private placement stock offering under SEC Reg D 506(c).
The stock offer is limited to “accredited investors” as defined by the Securities Exchange Commission.

ERS seeks a person to use technology, primarily email marketing, to reach our target audiences and build awareness and demand for our current stock offering. This position requires that you establish systematic communications with the 10 markets below.

We will focus on selling shares in ERS to:

  1. Individuals with an active Series 7 or Series 65 FINRA registration
  2. Principals of FINRA Registered Investment Advisors (RIAs)
  3. Principals of FINRA Registered Investment Brokerage firms (B/Ds)
  4. Family Offices
  5. Hedge Funds
  6. C-level executives in other Fintech firms
  7. C-level executives in Mutual Fund companies
  8. C-level executives in Life Insurance companies
  9. C-level executives in publicly traded companies in the investment industry.
  10. Non-profit organizations and endowments

We have access to databases with over 500,000 individuals in these 10 markets.

The candidate must have extensive experience in the investment industry and speak the language of institutional investors.

We are seeking an individual who has demonstrated expertise in highly-targeted email marketing campaigns in the capital markets.

You must manage and monitor multiple email campaigns simultaneously.

Candidates must systematically use drip-marketing and A/B testing in each email campaign.

Our emails will invite contacts to read articles and white papers, view videos, visit our various landing pages, view and study financial reports and find other creative ways to get prospects to WANT to learn more about ERS and our stock offering.

You will report weekly to the CEO on the progress of your campaigns.

We are building an international company. We will implement public relations and marketing campaigns to build a world-class reputation in the institutional investment industry. We seek individuals who are highly ambitious and have the talent and the passion to make Equity Risk Sciences a world-class name.

Candidates must make extensive use of AI platforms such as ChatGPT, Jasper, etc. for writing and editing content.

Highly-competitive compensation.

This is a full-time position. Minimum 32 hours per week in either our Rhode Island or Boston office.
Flexible hours. Bonus compensation and a stock option plan will be available in Q4 2023.

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Equity Risk Sciences, Inc (ERS) is seeking an Application Developer to help with the creation, maintenance and updating of our internal financial data analysis tools from our North Kingstown, RI office. Candidates must be able to work on-site.

ERS is a big-data predictive analytics company performing investment risk research. We have spent several years developing technology to measure the risk and probability of a company’s stock price rising or falling. We have a MySQL database containing over 10 billion data points, which connects to several online applications written in HTML, PHP and JavaScript. We also have a backtesting model written in Excel and VBA.

The results of our research are exceptional. However, our tools are inefficient, slow, complicated and hard to understand and interpret. We need help improving them. Our online applications take whole minutes to return their results, and running even a single backtest can take hours. To advance our research, we need to be able to test many ideas and theories quickly and efficiently. Eventually we will need to be able to automate testing of different iterations of our models.

The ideal candidate for this role is someone who can take the progress we have made so far and advance it further, either by making our existing tools more efficient or by re-writing them in a better language.


  • Evaluating and improving ERS’s existing software applications
  • Testing and debugging source code
  • Understanding internal requirements and how they translate into application features
  • Develop technical documents and handbooks to accurately represent application design and code


  • Working knowledge of HTML, PHP, Javascript and MySQL
  • MySQL skills a must
  • Prior experience in application and software development
  • Good mathematical and problem-solving skills

Part-time, 1-2 days a week. Very attractive and competitive compensation.
Must be able to work from our North Kingstown, RI office.

We’re looking for strong, very talented, very ambitious individuals, i.e., people that will help build our company. For those few, we have a stock option plan.

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